VitaScript Migraine Clear For Migraine Prevention (120 capsules)


Migraine Clear is a comprehensive, synergistic nutritional approach which may prove helpful in reducing the frequency and intensity of vascular disturbances in the brain.

  • Nutraceutical support for migraine sufferers
  • Combination vitamin & herbal formula
  • Helps manage inflammation & promote healthy vascular flow

Combination vitamin and herbal formula designed to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine occurrences. The formula includes the nutrients riboflavin (a common B-vitamin shown to be an effective prophylactic in the prevention of migraines), magnesium and herbs to reduce inflammation and help promote healthy vascular flow in blood vessels.

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Migraine Clear is a unique vitamin and herbal formula synergistically designed to help reduce the frequency and intensity of cranial vascular disturbances.


Migraine Clear contains the most documented and effective nutraceuticals presently known to help support the vascular system in the brain. These ingredients act synergistically to assist in quenching inflammation and reducing histamine and serotonin induced vasospasm. Migraines and other vascular headaches typically are produced due to vasoconstriction of cerebral blood vessels. When this vasoconstriction occurs, the brain receives less blood flow and therefore less oxygen. The body responds to restore circulation by dilating these constricted vessels leading to a vasodilation headache. This vasodilation response causes congestion, which increases pressure and pain receptor activation. Typical symptoms are a throbbing, congestive headache with light sensitivity, nausea, and occasionally vomiting. Motion typically aggravates the patient. Migraine Clear is designed to maintain optimal circulation to the brain and within the brain, thus, avoiding the vasoconstrictive trigger phase. For best results, Migraine Clear should be taken on a daily basis to best maintain normal brain vascular health.

The unique formulation of Migraine Clear includes riboflavin, a common B vitamin that has been shown to be an effective prophylactic in the prevention of migraines and magnesium which is believed to impact migraines by its vasodilitory, calcium channel blocking, and possible reduction of reperfusion dysfunction activity which may benefit vascular headaches and muscle tension headaches.

Included also is a synergistic collection of herbs including ginger root extract which has been shown to help prevent the vasoconstrictive trigger phase and to inhibit leukotriene and thromboxane synthesis associated with platelet aggregation. Feverfew extract inhibits the release of serotonin from platelets. This results in less vasoconstriction of blood vessels. Feverfew also regulates the production and release of inflammatory compounds. Butterbur has beneficial effects as an antispasmodic on smooth muscle. This effect is beneficial for vascular headaches by normalizing vascular tone and improving circulation. Finally ginkgo biloba is included which may have benefits for vascular headaches due to its beneficial effects on normalizing smooth muscle vascular tone and overall circulation.


Migraine Clear is a comprehensive, synergistic nutritional approach which may prove helpful in reducing the frequency and intensity of vascular disturbances in the brain.


Vascular headaches have been shown to have a high incidence of food allergy/intolerance associated with their aggravation. Because delayed response allergies can be difficult to document, it is recommended that every migraine/vascular headache individual be screened for food sensitivity. Elimination/Challenge or serum antibody testing are considered the most accurate methods. Certain tyramine containing foods such as aged cheeses, red wines, fermented sausages, sour cream, etc., may trigger migraine headaches. Phenylethylamine found in chocolate, nitrates found in hot dogs, levodopa from broad been pods, and occasionally citrus and nuts may provoke a migraine attack. Dairy allergy or lactose enzyme deficiency has been associated with migraines in some patients. Sensitivity to artificial sweeteners also should be ruled out. Although caffeine can help reduce the severity of a vascular headache in progress, it is part of the problem in that it leads to the vasoconstriction trigger phase. Avoid sugar! A high sugar diet may lead to irregular blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar may trigger migraine headaches. Sugar and high carbohydrate diets increase tryptophan uptake by the brain leading to higher levels of serotonin production. Higher serotonin levels have been associated with greater risk of migraine.

FORMULA (WW #10290)

2 Vegetarian Capsules Contain:

  • Riboflavin (riboflavin-5-phosphate)…………………190 mg
  • Magnesium (citrate)………………………………………100 mg
  • Ginger root powder (Zingiber officianale, 5%)…250 mg
  • Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium, 2%)……………..50 mg
  • Butter burr root (Petasites hybridus, 6:1)……………50 mg
  • Ginkgo biloba…………………………………………………40 mg

Other ingredients: Rice flour, silica, and cellulose.


As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules two times per day for the first month with possible reduction to one time per day thereafter or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Warning: If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare professional before use.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children.


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